Superman Workout for Man of Steel

Henry Cavill Superman Workout Routine And Diet

The superhuman workout regime that turned Henry Cavill into Superman.

If you’re going to play the Man of Steel on the silver screen, you had better look the part.

Everyone’s favorite superhero, Superman, was to be brought alive on screen in 2013’s Man of Steel. The producers chose Henry Cavill to play the part after seeing him in Immortals. Lean and muscular look and jet black hair is exactly what comes to mind when you think of Superman and Cavill was almost perfect for the role.

Cavill however believed that the shredded look he was sporting in Immortals wouldn’t really do the role any justice. He needed to look like a more traditional all American superhero, and to do that he would need muscle, a lot of it.

Superman Workout for Man of Steel
2 Pictures of Henry Cavill – Superman Workout Routine

He took it upon himself to figure out a workout regime that would help him pack on the muscles fast and leave him looking like he could withstand bullets with ease. And the results were simply amazing. The super big and super strong look was what this role needed and boy did Cavill deliver.

Henry Cavill Body Stats

  • Height: 6’1″ in / 185 cm
  • Weight: 203 lbs / 92 kg
  • Body Fat %: 6-10%
  • Age / Birthday: Born on May 5, 1983

If you want to figure out how he did it or just need some motivation in general, a break-down of his entire man of steel workout and diet regime is given below.

Training in all rep ranges

The Henry Cavill superman needed to look big and bulky while also agile and strong. To achieve this look, Cavill decided to workout in all the possible rep ranges. He went from low to mid and finally to high reps while lifting weights (yes we all knew weights were involved).

Most guys find the ideal weightlifter and then get so used to it that they find it difficult to go any higher. They also tend to stick to a certain number of reps, finding their comfort zone relatively quick and sticking to it no matter what. Generally, the reps tend to be anywhere between 3 to 6 if you are just starting out or 10-12 if you are somewhat used to lifting.

The thing with reps though is that different number of reps lead to different results. If you stick to lower reps, you will definitely build strength but the results won’t show in terms of muscle density. You’ll be much stronger, but won’t look bulky, which could actually be what you’re looking for. Higher reps though tend to increase the fluidity in the muscles that are being worked on and can result in dramatic increases in size.

Now if you’ve ever read a superman comic, you can clearly see that no matter who the comic book artist, superman always looked bulky and super muscular. Yet, Cavill knew he would need the strength to get through the intense stunt scenes that were part of the movie. So he worked out in all the rep ranges at different times to get the best results. He managed to build muscle while maintaining body proportions and ended up looking the way he wanted to for the part.

The Superman Workout

Day 1 (Upper body strength)

  • 4 sets and 5 reps of incline dumbbell press
  • 3 sets and 5 reps of flat dumbbell press.
  • 4 sets and 5 reps of weighted pull ups
  • 3 sets and 5 reps of barbell row (you can also alternate dumbbell rows)

Day 2. (Lower body strength)

  • 5 sets and 5 reps of Deadlifts.
  • 3 sets and 5 reps of Front Squats
  • 3 sets and 8 reps front lunges (repeat reps for each leg)
  • 5 sets and 12 reps of calf raises.

Day 3. Rest and Relaxation

Day 4. (Chest and Back exercises)

  • Do exactly the same exercises as day 1 but with twice as many reps. For example, try to do 3 sets of weighted pull ups with 8 to 10 reps.

Day 5. (Shoulders and Arms)

  • 3 sets and 10 reps of seated dumbbell presses.
  • 6 sets and 12 reps of any bicep and triceps curl variations.
  • 2 sets and 12 reps of front and side lateral raises

Day 6. Relax

Yes, the above workout sounds grueling, but it’s very simple to follow. Just be sure to take two days of rest, two days of lower reps and two days of much higher reps. In a couple weeks you’ll be looking like the caped superhero….or at like least Clark Kent.

How To Get Ripped Like Clark Kent

This guy is seriously buff in this movie, and he’s also chiseled.

There are a lot of programs out there, and they all seem to have contradicting advice. On top of that, this is the program that he used right before the movie, but it doesn’t really show how he got there. Your starting point may be way different.

That’s why you should follow this program to customize the steps for your body type.

It will help you determine your starting point, your goals, and exactly the path you should follow.

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