Chris Pratt From Parks & Rec Gets Ripped for Guardians of The Galaxy

Chris Pratt Workout For Guardians of The Galaxy

How Chris Pratt Went From Fat To Ripped

Chris Pratt, who starred as the cover guy in the magazine “Men’s Fitness,” lost more than 60 pounds in six months for his upcoming movie “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

In order to achieve this result, Chris followed a calculated diet plan prepared by Phil Goglia and underwent tough physical training program under Duffy Gaver.

For five months, Pratt did 4-6 rigorous training sessions in a week with Gaver. In addition to all these, Pratt also did extra workouts on his own to get a physique that everyone will envy.

What was the diet plan Chris followed?

To fit in the roll of Peter Quill in the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy (2014), Chris made an exceptional diet plan.

He started by avoiding unhealthy junk food and adding to his daily menu wholesome foods such as fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. He also made sure to stay away from any kind of alcoholic beverages that contribute towards building hard-to-melt fat in the body.

In addition to this, Chris also switched to low carb diet and added to his daily menu all those foods that carry complex carbohydrates.

He also limited his consumption of red meat and instead focused on having animal proteins in lean form only. After following this strict and controlled diet plan for 6 months, Chris was able to get his body toned.

Chris Pratt From Parks & Rec Gets Ripped for Guardians of The Galaxy

What did his workout regime look like?

Losing 70 pounds of weight was definitely not an easy task, but Chris’ strong will power and attitude helped him get the result.

The actor did various strength training exercises and cardio workouts for 7 days in a week to get the muscular look. All this hard work resulted in a well-carved body.

His workout routine included lifting weights four or five times a week for an hour at a time. In the initial months of his training, the main focus was on following traditional body building exercises that are designed to target certain muscles. The sessions added size to muscles and the actual splits changed from month to month.

Towards the end of the training session, Chris added circuit training and P90X workouts to his routine and that helped him in getting a lean and muscular body.

In order to build a physique like Chris Pratt, it is necessary to focus excessively on the back and the chest. These are the areas where Chris has focused the most. Arms and shoulders can be ignored to a certain extent while still promoting muscle development. Just like arms and shoulders, legs would also need lesser attention as they just need to be kept lean and thin.

It is recommended that you hit the back and chest twice a week. Have shorter rest periods with lightweight exercises. This technique is known to maximize the muscle growth. Use a mix of strength and pump work on shoulders to facilitate for the overall development of the body.

Did he do anything else outside of the gym?

Apart from doing all these strenuous exercises, Chris made sure to add other adventurous activities to his daily routine. He indulged himself into various kinds of sports like mountain biking, running, swimming and kickboxing. All these sports made him active and kept his routine enjoyable.

Chris’ attitude towards life has changed considerably as he has successfully lost over 60 pounds of weight and dealt well with sleep apnea and excessive sweating. His life is now full of energy and he is more optimistic about his future. His new, sculpted body has inspired him to develop new interests like grooming and fashion.

How you can get ripped like Chris

In preparing for this role, Chris was paid AND had an army of people helping him. It literally was his job to get ripped like this. The thing is, I don’t have time or the money to get personal trainers like him so I had to figure something else out.

If you want to get ripped like Chris, you need to really follow a program – but not just any program. There are lots of routines out there that do workouts differently – some are for performance, some are for HUGE bulky muscle building etc… I don’t like any of that. I really just want to get a Hollywood body.

Everyone’s starting point is different though which is why you should check out this program to find out what you should do.

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