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Chris Evans Captain America – Workout and Diet

For Chris Evans Captain America, bulking up wasn’t easy. It required months of hard work in the gym with a high-protein diet.

He needed to gain over 30 pounds to realistically play a superhero in the world of demigods and biologically mutated giants.

For the movie, Chris trained for more than 3 months. In fact, he wasn’t looking forward to it. Although Chris has always liked working out, these weren’t regular training sessions. At times, he was even puking in the gym. The training sessions were brutal.

This was one of the best transformations we’ve seen with any celebrity workout program.

Body Stats

Height: 6 ft / 183 cm
Weight: 88 kg / 194 lbs

Bulking Up to Become a Superhero

Bulking up to become a superhero was something Chris Evans was already familiar with. The second edition of the superhero movie was the third time Chris had to bulk up to play a hero. In order to achieve the perfect look for his role, Chris spent a lot of months adding more size to his frame. He used a wide range of exercises to make sure he wasn’t only muscular, but also fast and agile. According to Chris, the preparation to bulk him up was wise. He performed a lot of strength training exercises. The training regimen included deadlifts, squats, incline bench presses, shoulder presses, chin ups and weighted dips.

No Slow Cardio

When you consider action movies, you presume there’s a lot of action sequences, explosions and running away from difficult situations. In most movies, it’s part of the parcel. Thus, it’s a major shock to find out that Chris Evans Captain America stayed away from cardio workouts. The primary reason is that his trainers wanted to emphasize on bulking up his size.

He replaced cardiovascular workouts with circuits. In an interview, Chris informed that he just wanted to put on muscle to play Captain America in the movie. He had to train with big weights to put on muscle and bulk himself up. Though he did a few sprints, they were just required to make sure he remained conditioned and loose.

According to Chris, cardio training came from performing circuits on a regular basis. These proved to be more effective. When you’re performing circuits, your heart beats at a rapid pace. However, your muscles become intense, and you take a good amount of time to recover.


Every person who knows anything about bulking up understands that lifting heavy weights and spending hours at the gym is only half the battle. In order to bulk up and achieve great physique, you need to focus on other aspects too. It’s important to focus on a healthy diet. You need to make sure your diet allows you to build lean muscle. In fact, it can’t be any food. You need to right kind of food to make the most of your efforts. Thus, Chris Evans Captain America increased his protein intake to bulk up.

Between filming The Avengers and the second edition of Captain America, Chris had lost a lot of weight. Therefore, he needed a clean diet to bulk up in size. He focused on a high-protein diet before and after his workouts. He used to consume 2 grams protein per kg bodyweight. This can be easily achieved with a good amount of chicken. In addition to this, Chris used to consume a wide range of lean protein sources. Shakes were also a common choice for Chris. However, he used to feel full all the time.

A major part of Captain America’s’ diet focused on walnuts, porridge, low fat Greek yogurt, raisins and sliced banana. These foods were consumed about an hour before the workout. Throughout the day, he would eat many other things, including meat and fish. Moreover, he would also eat lots of salad, dark green leafy vegetables and almonds. It was a high-protein diet balanced with fresh fruits and vegetables.


Last but not the least, Chris Evans used to consume a lot of supplements to support his vigorous workouts. This allowed him to build lean muscle without losing weight. In fact, he was able to gain a lot of pounds. His body also used to recover fast. When it comes to supplements, Chris used glutamine, BCAAs, Omega-9, Omega-6 and Omega-3. Since he was working out intensively, he needed supplements to support recovery. Within just a few months, Chris Evans was able to achieve a physique that was unmatched by his co-stars.

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