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The February issue of JUST CAUSE Magazine is all about sex – JUST CAUSE style, of course. From reproductive cancers to endangered species, acquaintance rape to gay marriage, and the power of empowered women, we think that we can make the world a better place by looking at sexuality as the complex issue that it is.

Of course, we all just wanna have a little fun too – so we'll give you great reasons to have sex, great conversations to have with your kids and even an especially sexy JUST Shopping section.

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JUST CAUSE is a magazine about solutions. Sure, we're facing a lot of problems in this world, but we're pretty sure that if we focus on the solutions, we can solve the problems. We bring you stories of individuals, organizations and businesses that are doing something GOOD, and you can join them!

We're a tad irreverent, totally optimistic, occasionally sarcastic and absolutely convinced that we can change the world. What's more, we're convinced it can be fashionable, funky, fun and smart. We like business, shopping, eating, playing and all the same things that you do, and we'll help you do all those same things in a way that is, at least, "less bad." Maybe even downright "just!"

We are taking a break while we try to figure out how to make a digital magazine financially viable.... have an idea? email alyssa at justcauseit dot com.....